PACKING – Our team has experience with packing, reorganizing, categorizing and labeling your household items for storage or for moving. We purge, pack and prepare for your move-out date.  This package is ideal for people who wish to move themselves or hire movers who do not provide these services.  Letting us pack your household items for you is a cost effective way to purge, de-clutter, recycle, donate all at the same time.  Why not throw in a full deep clean as part of this package?! In essence, we get your home ready before, during and after your move or storage project.  A deep clean of your home will be provided at a discounted rate.   Contact us today for an in-home assessment, discussion on the scope of work and free estimate.

UNPACKING – We know you are busy so let us do the unpacking* for you. We have the experience to unpack your household items and organize your new home.  Wouldn’t it be nice to come home from work and your walk-in closet has all of your belongings neatly folded and put away? We know how to make things fit, AND look nice without skimping on aesthetics and design.  True story….a husband surprised his wife while she was at work with a closet make- over and unpacking package!  She was thrilled considering it was an international move and she was focusing on the upcoming addition to the family! Another client has two special needs children and did not have the time to unpack from a move 7 months earlier. So, we unpacked her home for her!

*We do not lift or carry heavy items or furniture so please ensure that you or your moving company places the heavier items where you would like them to stay.  Eg. That huge wardrobe box full of clothing should not be left in the kitchen if that is not where the clothes are staying

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