ECHO Package 1 - Got Clutter? Get your purge on! - Starting at $395.00 (Daily rate) +HST

This is by far our most popular service. We begin with an in-home consultation. After discussing your needs, challenges and goals we provide you with a detailed proposal, scope of work, and budget. We factor in costs such as labour, PPE, bins, decorative baskets, shelving, furniture, construction bin rental etc. so that you have a clear understanding of the amount of work that is involved in completely transforming your space. We renovate your space without the drywall dust and soot!! By the end of the project you will be the proud occupant/s of a de-cluttered and peaceful space. We don’t leave unless it is perfect.

Some projects are larger than others and may take several days. After 10 years of experience we know how long each project will most likely take to complete. Typically, a full day includes purging and organizing items in your space, a spring clean of your home or office, de-cluttering and removal of debris and garbage. We also provide donation management services in this package. We are your project managers for the day! We try to organize your de-cluttering and cleaning date around the City of Ottawa Collection Schedule to avoid the additional cost of private refuse removal should you need it. Call us today for a free estimate and in home consultation.

CAVEAT: Due to the nature of older homes, or recently renovated spaces, there can be many unforeseen challenges and health hazards. Construction dust and wood chippings, mold and mildew, mouse droppings, dirty ducts, and animal hair may incur additional costs. Having a free estimate beforehand would help alleviate any unforeseen pricing discrepancies.

Should you prefer an on-line Skype/Facetime/Zoom/Microsoft Meet etc. consultation please contact us directly to set up a date and time. We would need to be able to see your space as you walk around. Please ensure that you have a camera on your device that would allow us to get an understanding of what items you have in your home.

ECHO PACKAGE 2 - Get Your Purge On! Project Rates Available

In this package your home will be completely overhauled. Changes to your home will be extreme so we encourage people to prepare for a complete home make over. We have designed this package for people who need to rid their home of almost everything due to a move, a family event, in order to “right size” or for any one who is in need of some serious decluttering and organizing. Don’t know where to start and you are completely overwhelmed? Call us for a free consultation. We are here to help. After 10 years in the business there is no job too big to handle. We have caring and experienced staff and the resources to get your home decluttered and organized!

This package was also to keep designed to keep your costs at a minimum, while maximizing your home’s potential. We offer a project rate for this package. For these larger, EXTREME projects we often use our full team, and spend several days working in your home. We repurpose, sell or donate most household items. We recycle what we can and work with the refuse bin companies to manage everything else. We act as project managers and liaise with your tradespeople, real estate agent (if applicable), professional stager and any one else who is helping you with your home. With this package we provide post-construction clean up, full deep-clean, small home repairs and renovation, clutter removal, hazardous waste removal, etc. etc. etc. This package often requires a minimum of 5 days work, and may include additional expenses such as bin rental, home decor purchases, trips to hardware stores, light carpentry. We provide everything you need to fully renovate your home without the soot and drywall dust!! Your home will be so clutter free it will ECHO!

ECHO Package 3 – Special Care/Right Sizing – Starting at $45 per hour per person. Please call for a free in-home consultation

We always take the utmost care with clients’ personal and household items.  This package is ideal for real estate agents, elderly persons who have to “right size” to a new home, anyone who is overwhelmed with an upcoming move and who needs a move management specialist.  We liaise with movers, real estate agents, trades persons etc. on your behalf so that you and your family have a smooth transition into a new home.

ECHO Package 4 – Light Carpentry/Closet design and build/small home renovations - Starting at $65.00 per hour

Are you in need of a handy person who can provide light carpentry and small home renovation services? Owner-operator Barbara Ann Vocisano has over 20 years of experience in the following areas:

Drywall patching and mudding
Furniture assembly and placement
Closet design and build
Picture hanging
Shelf hanging

And More! No job is too small. Call us today to discuss your home project. We provide the tools. You provide the materials!

ECHO Package 5 - COVID Crazy? - Home Office Design and Set Up - Starting at $65 per hour. Please contact us for a free in-home consultation.

Tired of working from home on your kitchen table and staring at the same four walls? Kids’ toys everywhere and your work colleagues think you are at a daycare centre? Tired of stepping on Lego during an important overseas call?

We can help you de-clutter and set up an office space for you. We can organize your files and filing cabinet, hang shelves, build book cases, hook up office equipment and provide a stress-free environment so that you can be more productive at work. We can purchase and pick up office furniture on your behalf, build it and ensure an easy transition from home office mayhem to home office peace.

Please note: we will not judge if we find you working in your sweatpants… or pijamas.

Contact us today.

ECHO Package 6 - Packing and Unpacking - Starting at $45 per hour per person. (Project Rates Available)
This package is perfect if you have already done the lion’s share of packing and you need an extra hand for a few hours. Or for family members that do not live in the same geographical area but need their loved one moved. Are you a real estate agent with an elderly client that needs help packing their items for an upcoming move? Or do you need someone to liaise with the movers and act on your behalf on moving day? We are fully insured and have over ten years experience with packing and moving/storing your household items. Call us today for a free estimate or to discuss the project in more detail.

Contact us today.

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The team went above and beyond…

Barbara-Ann is a dedicated professional who supports my clients and myself with invaluable resources, hands-on support in a patient and refreshingly practical manner, regardless of the task at hand. She is sensitive in her approach of the individual she is dealing with, yet steadfast and efficient. Thank you Barbara-Ann for all your help over the years!

Nina Krakowsky – Tracy Arnett Realty