ECHO PACKAGE 1 - Executive Cleaning and Home Organizing - Starting at $250.00 +HST

This is by far our most popular package. It includes a full spring cleaning of the home or office, de-cluttering and removal of debris and garbage. Typically we try to organize your de-cluttering and cleaning date around the City of Ottawa Collection Schedule

eg. A 1200 square foot home, with hardwood flooring, 3 bed rooms and 2 bathrooms with finished basement typically takes a full day to clean and de-clutter. For each additional hour we charge $45-65 per hour depending on the amount of clutter, if there is furniture to move and heavy lifting etc. Please call us for a free estimate.

*Cleaning of outdoor windows is outsourced (we include inside windows and sills in our pricing)
**Carpet Cleaning is extra

CAVEAT: Due to the nature of older homes, or recently renovated spaces, there can be many unforeseen challenges and health hazards. Construction dust and wood chippings, mold and mildew, mouse droppings, dirty ducts, and animal hair may incur additional costs. Having a free estimate beforehand would help alleviate any unforeseen pricing discrepancies.

ECHO PACKAGE 2 – Home or Office De-cluttering and Organization – Starting at $45 – $65/hour +HST

This package is for clients who need a good, thorough de-cluttering and re-organization of any or all rooms in the home or office. Light vacuuming, cleaning and dusting is done while de-cluttering is performed, but is not necessarily the focus. This package is great for pre-listing photos, seniors who are “right sizing”, or anyone who just needs to de-clutter their space. We have de-cluttered homes up to 5000 square feet, and homes as modest as 500 square feet. Please call us for a free estimate.

ECHO PACKAGE 3 – Special Care - Packing and De-cluttering – Starting at $ 45- $65/hour +HST

This package is ideal for anyone who has lost a loved one and needs support and help with organizing and discarding household and personal items. We go through family heirlooms, household items, legal documents, paperwork etc. and organize items for storage and/or donation. We understand the nuances of older homes, older parents, the loss of a loved one, and the difficulty you face when having to pack up a lifetime of memories. This is not a quick process and may require several days.

If your parent is moving and “right-sizing” to a smaller home or assisted living facility we work with you and/or your parent/loved one and help guide them with their de-cluttering. We meet one on one with yourself and your loved one to ensure nothing of great value or sentiment is discarded. We take a very compassionate approach to downsizing and de-cluttering and help you and your family member adjust to their new, clutter-free space. Please call us for a consultation and free estimate.

Our clients in the past have been:

  • Elderly persons who need help de-cluttering before moving to a smaller residence
  • Staff who work with residents at assisted living residences
  • Adult children who have lost a loved one and find it challenging to discard sentimental and household items
  • Elderly persons getting ready for a cross-country move
  • Adults with young children who need help with an elderly parent get ready for a move
ECHO PACKAGE 4 – Mobility and Special Needs Home Transformation – $65+/hour +HST

Please call us to discuss your project and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Prices vary depending on simplicity or complexity of home re-organizing need.

Re-organizing space and household items to accommodate a wheelchair or walker, or any other physical challenge such as low vision or hearing impediment ( large open empty spaces may create echoes for someone with hearing loss)

Find that you are in between some or all of these packages? Please call us for an in-home or in-office estimate and we will discuss tailoring your needs.

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